The project concerns a “cultural heritage” experience centering on Auburn Ave. in Atlanta. Auburn Avenue was the center of African-American culture in the first half of the twentieth century. It was also a key site in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. The prototype created should be an application designed to enrich the experience of visitors or residents of “Sweet Auburn.”

The process for our project began on Auburn Avenue. We walked up and down the street and took notes on what we observed, and the most prevalent theme we noticed was damaged signage– the plaques and metal signs indicating areas of interest were either worn, or missing. We also recorded points of interest and the general flow of foot traffic, which seemed to be centered solely around the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The result was a prototype that allowed users to go on a self-guided tour. Holding up the phone would display points of interest from afar, and users would be able to check in at locations, view relevant content, as well as contribute to that location’s content with a virtual comment tag.

While I was not heavily involved in development, my roles in this project included: Research, UX Design, Wireframe/Storyboard/Interface Mockups, Key Presenter

For more information, please view the final documentation here, or view the demo video below.