Eating Pot Roast, Kissing Rump

A graduate class assignment– the prompt was to create a replayable interactive model of a complex system that works on programmable rules of causality, using a compelling situation with a range of variations could not be adequately experienced in a unilinear representation.

I began by selecting a complex system that anyone could relate to: relationships. The most traditionally complex of the relationships is typically that of a male suitor and his significant other’s parents: the father stereotypically takes the protective (if not aggressive) stance, and the mother is generally a little more accepting of the relationship. This, coupled with the additional stress of a formal dinner in the parents’ household, created the perfect environment for sticky situations.

Breaking the story beats up by the natural time blocks in a dinner setting, I set up the paths that lead to a total of 9 different endings, ranging from peeing yourself (and leaving out of embarrassment) to resurfacing an old wound between the parents, causing them to divorce.

Click here to play the game– or, if you want to see what’s going on behind the curtain, click here to view the structural flowchart.