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iBabysit is a conceptual interface for an application used between parents and babysitters. The idea behind this app came up in a conversation amongst coworkers about the difficulties of booking a babysitter, which brought up the following key grievances:

  • The babysitter’s schedule is unknown to the parent
  • The parent worries that the babysitter will need reminders about appointments booked in advance
  • The parent usually has a list of babysitters (ordered by preference), and calling each one sequentially takes time

With this conceptual app, the parent has a list of sitter contacts handy, which is used in the automated messaging process. The parent can create an event on their calendar, which creates an editable canned message) that will automatically send out notice to the babysitters on the list. This message only proceeds to the next sitter once the previous (and greater preferred) sitter has declined. Within the booking, details such as contact information and specific notes can be left with the sitter.

The entire user flow, including the sitter’s interfaces, can be accessed below.

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